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GDNM combines knowledge and experience with the latest plant and technology Established in 2008 as the up rising star in the line of modified Bentonite we have the newest organophilic clay manufacturing facility anywhere in the world GDNM s manufacturing plant is built to the latest design and highest safety and production standards And with our location near Shanghai Port means we can deliver quickly and cost effectively anywhere in the world GDNM is committed to environmentally friendly materials for Coating Paint Ink Oil drilling mud Lubricating Grease mortar putties water treatment etc industrial So we centered on waterborne Rheological Additive at the same time we make high purity...

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Solvent Based Rheological Additives

Water Based Rheological Additives

Drilling Fluids Chemicals

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CoatingThickening Agent Water-borne BentoniteOrganophilic Clay Rheological AdditiveFinishing Coating Bentonite OrganoclayPrimary Emulsifier in Oil Drilling MudEasy Dispersing Organophilic BentoniteRheological Additive Counter to BentonBentonite Used for Well Drilling FluidBentonite Purified Montmorillonite ClayThixotropic Suspending Agent for GreaseModified Bentonite for Emulsion Coatingdrilling fluid properties functions pdfWater Borne Adhesives Rheology ModifierOrganophilic Clay Manufacturing ProcessOrganophilic Clays for Oil Drilling MudHigh Efficiency Modified Bentonite ClayOrganophilic Clay Minerals for DrillingOrganoclay for Lubricant Grease IndustryHigh Quality Organophilic Bentonite ClayFluid Loss Control Agent Organic LigniteInk and Print Grade Organoclay BentoniteOrganophilic Clay Oil Drilling ChemicalsOrganoclay Montmorillonite Clay for PaintSecondary Emulsifiers for Drilling FluidsThermal insulation Mortar Water retentionOrganoclay Bentonite Used in Low PolarityBentonite powder uses Water-borne sealantBentonite Organoclay Rheological AdditiveOrganophilic Montmorillonite Clay MineralMineral Oil Application Organophilic ClayBentonite Grease Excellent Sag ResistanceSolvent-Based Rheology Modifier BentoniteBentonite Thickening Rheological AdditiveBentonite powder uses Water-borne adhesiveBentonite Yield Used in Lubricating GreaseEasy Dispersing Organophilic Clay MineralsSelf-Activated Rheology Modifier BentoniteLi-Bentonite for Water-Based System Paintsassociative and non associative thickenersPrimary Emulsifier for Oilfield OperationsRheological Thickening Additive for SealantOrganoclay Rheological Suspending AdditivesOrganophilic Hectorite Clay Ink ApplicationHigh Purity Organoclay Rheological AdditivePaint Using Organoclay Rheological AdditiveOrganoclay Rheological Thickening AdditivesPrimary and Secondary Emulsifier DifferencesEmusion Coatings and Other Water-borne PaintSolvent And Water Based Compatible BentoniteOrganophilic Bentonite for Lubricating GreaseOrganoclay Used in Lubricating Grease IndustryOrganophilic Clay for Invert Emulsion DrillingCoating Application Organophilic Bentonite ClayIdeal Thixotropy Tetraallkyl Ammonium BentoniteCoating Application Bentonite Organoclay PowderOrganophilic Bentonite for Solvent Borne Systems
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